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About Electrical Panels

install electrical panels, master electrician vero beach, vero beach electrical contractor

I overhear people talking about having to replace their electrical panels because their homeowner’s insurance requires them to. They are frustrated and don’t understand why, and in public, without the question being addressed directly to me, I can’t offer them an explanation. But I can explain here.

Electrical panels age like any other device in your home. As we add more and more load on those panels, there is a greater danger of them not performing properly. Some older panels are even dangerous. They have been known to cause fires and while replacing an electrical panel is not inexpensive, it’s far less expensive than replacing an entire home.

When was the last time you checked your electrical service panel, otherwise known as a breaker box? Most homeowners only check them when they have an electrical problem such as when  a light stops working, an appliance won’t function, or a breaker blows. Old panels can cause fires if overloaded. If fuses blow or circuit breakers trip frequently, it may be an indication that your home’s circuits are overloaded.

Even though your electrical panel may be functioning properly, your breaker box may still be out of date. Electrical service panels should be replaced every 20 to 30 years. If you’ve been in your home that long, or if you moved into an existing home, your panel may be outdated. You should also check and see if your Electrical panel was manufactured by Federal Pacific Electrical (FPE) or if your home was built in the late 70’s, either a Zinsco or GTE Sylvania panel. If your home still has a Fuse box, don’t even think another moment before you call Vero Beach Electrical Contracting. Let’s get that right out of your home.

Today’s homes use a lot more electricity than homes even just 20 years ago used. Think about all of the electric and electronic devices you use in your home every day. Most homes have several televisions, at least one entertainment system, video game systems, security systems, refrigerators, plus heating and cooling systems. All of these need electricity to run. Your home’s breaker box may not be properly equipped to handle all of that.

Electrical projects are not the best for do-it-yourselfers. There are  too many things that can go wrong, some of which are fatal. Hiring a licensed, experienced electrician will most likely save you in the long run. These professionals are aware of the local and most recent electrical codes and can inspect your electrical panel and wiring for any defects.

Electricians go through extensive training to become licensed and are required to complete continuing education hours to renew their licenses, which also keeps them up with national, state and local laws and regulations.  You also want to ensure that everything is up to code and working properly so you don’t have an electrical fire. Experienced, insured and licensed electricians can help you with your electrical panel upgrades as well as any other electrical needs you may encounter during the upgrade.

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